Water courses

Water courses of various sizes belongs to the fundamental structures of landscapes. In recent years, the importance of their optimal functioning is rising particularly in the region so-called “roof of Europe” from where water flows to three different seas. The ability to compromise between requirements for water retention and slowing down the runoff on one hand and protection against excessive occurrence of flood events on the other will be a key challenge in the near future. Solutions will have to be found to  balance our needs for quality housing in relation to minimization of impacts on nature and with respect to the natural development of streams wherever local conditions would allow it.

Currently, it is important to be able to use risk assessment methods to assess and evaluate areas of interest. Our company employs people who can apply these methods in various situations.

Our designers handle standard tasks related to stream regulation of different types, sizes and with various structures ranging from channel bed steps and weirs to small hydro-electric power plants. Furthermore, they are experienced in design of polders dams and other dams of various types and sizes. The range of our activities also includes surface runoff studies.

We are also able to perform all kinds of hydrological calculations using the latest software tools and to determine basic data describing water surface course, discharge rating curves, spillway structures etc.

If you have a problem and you think that we would be able to help you, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.


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